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Starting from the Base Unit, build your own Power Rack step by step! Force USA MyRack is the first truly personalized Rack of its kind. Now you can tailor your workout with more than 100 variants. *(THE RETAIL/CASH PRICES REGARD SOLELY THE BASE UNIT. THE ATTACHMENTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.)
Price Retail 700.00
Price Cash 610.00
Availability Available
Usage Semi-Commercial
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Company Profile

Force USA™

Force USA was designed to be the best value strength equipment for home and light commercial use and has proudly set the benchmark for our range of strength equipment around the world.

Every product we sell must survive hundreds of hours of R&D testing in commercial conditions. We even test our packages to ensure our products reach you safely. All our equipment is designed in the USA and meets strict quality standards that are enforced at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Top quality, strength and stability. This is Force USA, a brand that you can trust.

Product Overview

Force USA "MyRack"

Why compromise when you could build your own power rack, step by step, just the way you want it?

Force USA MyRack is the most versatile power rack ever designed. Whatever kind of exercise you focus on, crossfit, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or simple maintenance, MyRack is fully customizable with over 100 variations to get your training to the next level!

MyRack Base Unit

Start Here

Start creating your personal power rack from the Base, which offers 54 different locations to perfectly match the various options for extensions.

Designed in the United States of America, MyRack is the only power rack of its kind that has been forged by precision robotic laser. Each production stage goes through the strictest control tests to offer the safest and most qualitative power rack for your gym.

Price: € 610.00

Code: L-600-1

Your Rack, Your Way

Choose the accessory you deem fit

Now that you have your base, depending on your own training style and your own needs, choose between a large number of different attachments such as chin-up bars, crossover system, lat pulldown, J-hooks, safety hooks and our innovative monolift!

Finally, do not forget to equip MyRack with one of our benches to give your workout program even more flexibility.

1st chin-up bar

This accessory consists of two bars of different diameter (32mm and 50mm) for more exercise variations. They can be placed in any of the precision holes along the top frame and have a static endurance of a maximum load of 400kg!

Price: € 79.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-04

2nd chin-up bar

This chin-up bar is ideal for grip strengthening, thanks to its special round edges, of different thickness. Of course it includes multiple handles for various exercises and has a maximum load of 400kg!

Price: 270.00 €
Code: L-600-18

3rd chin-up bar

Force USA classic multi-handle chin-up bar is compatible with MyRack, enabling you to perform a number of important back and other exercises.

Price: € 99.00
Code: L-600-19

4th chin-up bar

Screw this attachment to the corresponding slots for ultimate stability and ultimate load strength of 400kg! Its multiple handles allow you to perform a significant number of exercises.

Price: 150.00 €
Code: L-600-09

Crossover system

Additional possibilities

Crossover exercises are very important for anyone who wants to target specific muscles for restoration or for general muscle strengthening.

The system is easily adjustable to the height of the column in 28 positions for maximum flexibility. The weight positions are compatible with both standard and Olympic weights (32mm and 50mm) and the maximum load on each side is 180kg. Finally, at the bottom you will find a non-slip foot base. Static strength 450kg.

Price: 495.00 € (Price per single piece)
Code: L-600-17

Lat Pulldown

Strengthen your back

The Lat Pulldown is a perfect fit as it occupies minimum space on the back of the Base.

MyRack's Lat Pulldown is made with top-quality steel to try exercises like pulls with open or closed grip, seated rowing, tricep or bicep exercises, and much more. With a static endurance of 400kg.

Price: € 365.00
Code: L-600-16

1st Safety Hook

This Safety Hook is an old but effective system. It has been used for many years in gyms all over the world for the simple reason that it is easy to use and very powerful. Static strength 450kg.

Price: € 99.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-06

2nd Safety Hook

Easy to place in different positions vertically and with a nylon cover to protect your barbell, this Safety Hook is one of the most handy attachments for your MyRack. Static strength of 680kg.

Price: € 120.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-14

3rd Safety Hook

This attachment is ​​a larger-sized Safety Hook to guarantee your safety even when there is no spotter to help you. It is easily adjustable in various positions and has a nylon cover to protect your barbell. Static strength of 450kg.

Cash Price: € 110.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-15

4th Safety Hook

This option offers a simple and reliable solution for your own protection, as well as the protection of the equipment, even in the most powerful lifts. The advantage here is that you can catch the edges at different heights, forcing the bar, if it falls, to slide safely away. Static strength of 450kg.

Price: € 99.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-07

Monolift System

Innovative Attachment

The innovative Monolift system helps you achieve heavier lifting, as the user does not need to move close to and away from the rack while holding weight on his shoulders. When you remove the barbell, the system automatically retracts to the rear, thus minimizing the risk of injury to the joints from the movement of the load. Static durability of 1200kg.

Price: € 219.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-08

Dip Handles

These dip handles can be placed anywhere on the MyRack, front and rear vertical pillars, or even sideways. This way you can adjust their position according to your height. Static strength of 400kg.

Price: € 96.00 
Code: L-600-12


This seat with the two pads that secure your legs is ideally paired with the Lat Pulldown and Crossover attachments. Tested for a static load strength of 400kg, it allows you to convert a piece of your rack into a classic lat pulldown machine.

Price: € 115.00
Code: L-600-11

Knee Stabilizer

The Knee Stabilizer is an indispensable tool if you have chosen to fit the Lat Pulldown attachment into your MyRack. You can lock it on each side of the rack and place your knees under the soft foams so you stay in place when you workout.

Price: € 65.00
Code: L-600-10


The typical J-Hooks pair of MyRack is essential for every Power Rack. Made of 8mm steel, with sturdy pins, it has been tested for static resistance with a maximum load of 800kg. It also features a nylon coating to protect your barbell.

Cash Price: € 69.00 (pair)
Code: L-600-05

Weight Plate Positions

An affordable way to store even more weight plates and keep your space tidy. The set includes 4 places, which can be positioned anywhere along the height of the unit and are compatible with standard plates, Olympic plates or bumper plates.

Price: € 65.00 (4-Piece Set)
Code: L-600-02

Core Trainer

Exercise your core

The Core Trainer is ideal for any exercise involving rotational torso movement and is among the favorite tools of those who focus on the upper body. All you have to do is place one end of a barbell in the slot and you're ready! It is compatible with barbells with a diameter of 32mm and 50mm.

Price: € 85.00 
Code: L-600-13

Band Peg Attachment

Even more options

Includes a set of 4 band pegs, 25 cm each. Exercise bands are a great way to multiply the resistance in your repetitions and get even more options for your workout.

Price: 35.00€ (4-Piece Set)
Code: L-600-03


  • Build your personal Rack step by step with any accessory you deem fit! 
  • Many different accessories options, so choose those that will help you reach your goals. 
  • Heavy duty steel construction (pole dimensions: 6.1 x 6.1 cm)
  • Every piece is cut with precision robotic laser for maximum stability and ease of assembly.
  • 54 different positions along the rack to tailor your workout.
  • Pre-made holes on the base where you are able, if you choose, to fix the rack on the floor for maximum stability. 
  • Pair it with one of our benches for the ultimate workout!
  • Net Base Weight: 80 kg
  • Base Unit Dimensions (Assembled): 121.2 (L) x 140 (W) x 220 (H) cm
  • Dimensions with all the Accessories (Assembled): 383 (L) x 200 (W) x 224 (H) cm

Package Details

CodeDecriptionDimensionsGross Weight
Λ-600-01Force Usa F-My Rack Base (box 1/3)2175 x 160 x 130 mm
31.5 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Base (box 2/3)1255 x 310 x 175 mm18.4 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Base (box 3/3)
1460 x 305 x 150 mm29.5 kg

Attachment Package Details

Gross Weight
Force Usa F-My Rack Weight
345 x 345 x 80 mm3.2 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Peg

0.5 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Chin 01
1125 x 165 x 130 mm7.4 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Jhook 01
240 x 200 x 80 mm2.9 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Safe 01
990 x 110 x 40 mm8.4 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Safe 04
220 x 250 x 130 mm4.8 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Mono
510 x 530 x 75 mm13.5 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Chin 04
1125 x 500 x 160 mm13.2 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Knee
160 x 140 x 1205 mmkg
Force Usa F-My Rack Seat
1130 x 400 x 140 mm8.7 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Dip
790 x 670 x 210 mm9.9 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Core
560 x 520 x 215 mmkg
Force Usa F-My Rack Safe 02
910 x 220 x 140 mm10 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Safe 03
710 x 310 x 80 mm8.2 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Lat
2230 x 260 x 140 mm23.4 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Cross
2040 x 390 x 180 mm43.8 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Chin 02
1300 x 630 x 180 mm17.4 kg
Force Usa F-My Rack Chin 03
1120 x 310 x 140 mm8.3 kg

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