General Shipping Guidelines

1) Within the city limits of Athens

Our company can handle delivery to your place, provided it is located withing the city limits of Athens.

Most products are dispatched withing 2-3 working days with our own means of transport or a specialized company/courier.

For purchases up to 100.00€ delivery cost is 4.00€ regardless of weight.

For purchases greater than 100.00€, delivery cost is free.

In case of assembly, the charge may vary depending on the equipment.

2) For the rest of Greece

1. For purchases greater than 100.00€, delivery cost is free.

Heavy and large packages (e.g. treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, home gyms, massage chairs, weights, etc) are sent with specialized transport companies.

Free transport to the rest of Greece applies to all main cities. For deliveries to the more remote areas, which require transit of transport, small charges may apply which will be agreed upon between transporter and recipient.

In case you prefer delivery to home, you can call us at 210-2758228 so that we can inform you of the relevant charge.

For deliveries through specialized transport companies, Payment upon delivery is NOT an option.

2. For purchases up to 100.00€.

Heavy and large packages are sent with specialized transport companies. For each order, we will inform you of the relevant transport charge.

Smaller heavy packages (e.g. weight plates, barbells, etc), are also sent with specialized transport companies instead of courier because delivery cost is significantly lower.

3) Payment upon delivery (Courier only)

This applies to smaller parcels bound for all of Greece via Courier only.

ATTICA: For parcels up to 4 kg, delivery cost is 7.00€.

REST OF GREECE: For parcels up to 4 kg, delivery cost is 9.00€.

For every extra kg, delivery cost increases by 1.50€.

If the parcel - up to 10 kg - is too large, then delivery cost depends on its dimensions.

Payment Methods

1) Bank Transfer

Payment via bank transfer to one of our company's bank accounts below:

  • Eurobank: 0026 0367 3002 0036 0594 (IBAN: GR97 026 0367 0000 3002 0036 0594)
  • National Bank of Greece: 150/471141-68 (IBAN: GR59 0110 1500 0000 1504 7114 168)
  • Alpha Bank: 399 00 2320 000541 (IBAN: GR80 0140 3990 3990 0232 0000 541)
  • Piraeus Bank: 50 6006 9620 605 (IBAN: GR60 0172 0600 0050 6006 9620 605)

2) Credit/Debit Card at our showroom

You can choose to pay by credit or debit card at our showroom.
Installments without interest are offered for most cards, but not all. Please call us for specific details.

3) Payment upon delivery

You can pay as soon as you receive your order, but only if it was transported by courier.
Does not apply for deliveries out of Athens

4) Cash

In case you choose to pick up your order yourself from our showroom, you can pay cash upon collection.

5) Installments without a credit card

Available for orders up to 10.000€, through TBI Bank.

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