Core plate single handle

Core plate single handle

This core plate single handle is designed for lifting with Olympic bars 50mm.
10.00 €
Pegasus Resistance Band Handles

Pegasus Resistance Band Handles

Η ίσια λαβή προπόνησης σχεδιάστηκε για να εκτελούνται πιέσεις τρικέφαλων χεριών, όρθια κωπηλασία, έλξεις δικέφαλων και πολλές άλλες.
19.00 €
New Pegasus® Lat Pulldown & Rower HCLT-2064

Pegasus® Lat Pulldown & Rower HCLT‑2064

The Pegasus® HCLT-2064 Lat Pulldown plus Low Pulley is an excellent heavy-duty solution for your home gym that provides a wide variety of exercises and will support you with reaching...
500.00 € 440.00 €
New Half Rack Pegasus® OK-9132A

Half Rack Pegasus® OK‑9132A

The Pegasus® Half Rack OK-9132A is a highly versatile piece of fitness equipment, ideal for barbell and tube workouts, squats, bench presses (bench optional) and many more exercises....
520.00 € 449.00 €
Pegasus® JX-DS913 Home Gym

Pegasus® JX‑DS913 Home Gym

Pegasus® JX-DS913 is a durable Home Gym that offers a large number of exercises and features a 65kg weight stack in a protective shroud. It includes a curl pad, an ab strap with double...
675.00 € 575.00 €
Force USA - MyRack

Force USA ‑ MyRack

Starting from the Base Unit, build your own Power Rack step by step! Force USA MyRack is the first truly personalized Rack of its kind. Now you can tailor your workout with more than...
700.00 € 610.00 €
Force USA Home Power Rack Combo F-HPR

Force USA Home Power Rack Combo F‑HPR

The Force USA Home Power Rack Combo F-HPR is ideal for someone looking to get started in weight training or simply want to have the ability to train at home - with space constraints...
720.00 € 599.00 €
Pegasus® Wall Mounted CrossStation

Pegasus® Wall Mounted CrossStation

The Pegasus® Wall Mounted CrossStation offers tremendous flexibility. The heavy-duty column is attached to any wall and works with 6 attachments allowing for a wide range of movements...
780.00 € 499.00 €
Pegasus® JX-DS185F/915 Folding Home Gym

Pegasus® JX‑DS185F/915 Folding Home Gym

The Pegasus® JX-DS185F/915 comes with a unique seat folding feature, so that you can save space and work out more efficiently. Also adjust the two arms and the leg station to tailor...
780.00 € 660.00 €
Pegasus® JX-DS916 Home Gym

Pegasus® JX‑DS916 Home Gym

Pegasus® JX-DS916 is the most comprehensive training solution when it comes to Home Gyms. You can perform a large variety of exercises, targeting your biceps, triceps, abs, chest, shoulders,...
1180.00 € 1020.00 €
New Pegasus® Leg/Calf Press LP30

Pegasus® Leg/Calf Press LP30

Perform leg and calf presses in a highly ergonomic and heavy-duty construction with the unique quality of Pegasus! Incomparable strength and unsurpassed design with an impressive maximum...
1370.00 € 1190.00 €
Pegasus® Smith Machine / Half Rack HCLT-2004

Pegasus® Smith Machine / Half Rack HCLT‑2004

The Pegasus® HCLT-2004 will help you train safely and effectively during workouts such as squats, chest presses, dips, pull-ups and many more. Its ergonomic design and durable frame...
Limited Availability
1380.00 € 1199.00 €
Force USA G1 All-In-One Trainer

Force USA G1 All‑In‑One Trainer

The Force USA™ G1™ All-In-One Trainer combines a multi-functional trainer, power rack and a cable pulley system into an all-in-one compact strength-training machine. Unlock your workout’s...
1580.00 € 1375.00 €
New Force USA 45º Leg Press

Force USA 45º Leg Press

The perfect addition to your home or studio gym, Force USA®’s 45 Degree Leg Press is the ultimate lower body strength building machine. Offering multi-adjustable settings and ultra-smooth...
1720.00 € 1495.00 €
New Pegasus® Leg Press/Hack Squat 45º  TR45

Pegasus® Leg Press/Hack Squat 45º TR45

Το Pegasus Hack Squat/Leg Press is a 2-in-1 combo machine that features both leg press position and a hack squat set-up perfect for lower body workout.
Limited Availability
1760.00 € 1530.00 €
Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme® 2 SE - Top quality machine with revolutionary Power Rod® resistance system. Xtreme® 2 SE allows you to transition between exercises easily and quickly without requiring...
Limited Availability
1940.00 € 1680.00 €
Pegasus® CBT Pro Functional Trainer & Smith

Pegasus® CBT Pro Functional Trainer & Smith

The Pegasus® Dynamic Series CBT Pro Functional Trainer is here to offer unlimited flexibility in your training. Never before was a similar training machine designed, that could be used...
2100.00 € 1680.00 €
New Pegasus® HG6 Home Gym

Pegasus® HG6 Home Gym

The Pegasus® HG6 offers a comprehensive training solution in a compact build, which is idea for hotels, personal trainers and clubs. It is designed to be flexible, reliable and sturdy....
2300.00 € 1995.00 €
Pegasus® Functional Trainer Pro

Pegasus® Functional Trainer Pro

The most versatile multi-gym in the market! Perform hundreds of exercises with the double adjustable pulley, the two autonomous 100 kg weight stacks each and the multi-grip chin-up...
Limited Availability
2500.00 € 2220.00 €
Stock Pegasus® Pro Trainer HCLT-2003

Pegasus® Pro Trainer HCLT‑2003

The new multi-functional Pro Trainer by the Pegasus® Strength Series combines 3 main functions - Crossover, Smith Machine and Power Rack - in a single heavy duty frame, which offers...
Limited Availability
2580.00 € 2240.00 €
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