Ποδήλατο Στατικό Sportop B90

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Ποδήλατο Στατικό Sportop B90

The Sportop B90 exercise upright bike, is an excellent choice for semi-commercial use. Regardless of whether your goal is to lose unnecessary weight, sculpt your figure, improve your condition, prepare for the cycling season or participate in competitions, you can choose a program tailored to your needs or simply create it.
Price Retail 1120.00
Price Cash 969.00


Company Profile

Sportop is a worldwide brand, owned by IVIVA International Corp., a manufacturer of high quality fitness equipment for home and light commercial use.

Today, our products already have a leading position in many countries around the world, among other important names in the field. So choose a Sportop® fitness machine and discover our top quality, innovative design and affordable prices.

Product Overview

Sportop® B90

Enjoy a comfortable in-home calorie burning workout experience when you sit on the 4-way adjustable bike seat.

Tailor the wide bike seat to fit your leg length by sliding it forward, backward, up, and down. Place your feet onto the wide pedals that have an adjustable pedal strap for a secure fit. Grab the pulse-grip-equipped handlebars to maintain balance and track your heart rate during pulse guided workouts.


The "B90" allows the resistance to be adjusted in 16 levels.


On the inside you will find an 8kg flywheel for smooth motion.

Heart rate

Measure your heart rate with the handgrip touch sensors.

Transport wheels

Even though the bike is not heavy, it still comes with wheels for easy transport.

Maximum load

The durable frame supports a maximum load of 150kg.


LCD Monitor

The LCD screen of the B90 displays the exercise data and provides information such as speed, time, distance, heart rate, watts and rotations per minute.

The console also lets you choose between 12 pre-installed programs, a user program and an HR for an even greater challenge. 

Attention to detail

Ergonomics and comfort

When it comes to being confortable during your workout, the B90 has a great deal to offer.

The handlebars and the seat can be adjusted horizontally or vertically in 15 positions, making the bike easy to ride for any body type.

So if you are looking for an ideal price-quality relation, the B90 is the bike for you!

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Electronic adjustment

The console lets you adjust the resistance electronically in 16 levels.

Vertical adjustment

Easily adjust the seat vertically in multiple positions depending on your height.

Horizontal adjustment

Just as easily adjust the seat horizontally depending on the length of your arms.


The bike comes with comfortable anti-slip pedals for effective and safe training.

Adjustable handlebars

With the knob located under the console, you can easily rotate the handlebars in the perfect angle for you.

Package Description

Weight 51.6 (kg)
Length 115 (cm)
Width 28.5 (cm)
Height 88.5 (cm)
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