Pegasus® GHD Bench

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Pegasus® GHD Bench

Pegasus® Glute Hamstring Developer (GHD) bench offers a multifunction capacity which enables the user to perform strengthening exercises of the hamstring, waist and abdomen.
Price Retail 590.00
Price Cash 510.00
Availability Available
Usage Semi-Commercial
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Company Profile

The name Pegasus® has been a benchmark in the field of Fitness in Greece for many years, offering comprehensive solutions for homes and businesses.

Pegasus® products have distinguished themselves for their quality, sleek design and reliability. They are handpicked by MEKMA SA, which was founded in 1982 in Athens and is now the leading supplier of fitness equipment in our country. So choose one of our products and discover what thousands of people already know!

Product Overview

Pegasus GHD Bench

The GHD Bench is an excellent machine for exercises such as glutes, abs and dorsals hyperextensions, that can be impossible without specialized equipment or training.

The GHD helps you built powerful glutes, strengthen your core and limbs and activate your abs. It is also one of the best ways to target your hamstrings.

What you should know before exercising

The GHD is a machine that strengthens the back, torso, hamstrings and abs. As such, it puts a lot of pressure in those areas. Therefore, if you are a beginner, then before starting to use the GHD, make sure that you are informed about the exercises' correct perfomance. In any case, your abdominal muscles will initialy be overstrained, while if your medical history includes back issues, then avoid using the machine altogether.


BuiltRobust, suitable for semi-commercial use
Adjustable by lengthYes, in 7 different positions
Leg Stabilizer AdjustmentYes, by height, in 5 different positions
Ideal forGlutes, hamstrings, calves, dorsals, lower back muscles,abs
Pads2 oversized, 24 cm & 4 x 14 cm
Weight46 kg
Dimensions (Assembled)
157 (L) x 74 (W) x 116 (H) cm

Package Description

Weight 52 (kg)
Length 154 (cm)
Width 57 (cm)
Height 30.5 (cm)
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