Pegasus® Wall-Mounted Bar (120cm)

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Pegasus® Wall‑Mounted Bar (120cm)

If you are looking for something more than the classic pull-up bar, then this is the best option. Unlike the door bar, this wall-mounted equipment does not restrict your movements and offers a more permanent and stable platform.
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Company Profile

The name Pegasus® has been a benchmark in the field of Fitness in Greece for many years, offering comprehensive solutions for homes and businesses.

Pegasus® products have distinguished themselves for their quality, sleek design and reliability. They are handpicked by MEKMA SA, which was founded in 1982 in Athens and is now the leading supplier of fitness equipment in our country. So choose one of our products and discover what thousands of people already know!

Product Overview

Pegasus® Wall-Mounted Bar (120cm)

Unlike the classic door bar, this wall-mounted bar does not restrict your movements and offers a more permanent and stable platform. Placing the bar at a higher point means you don't have to bend your legs with each rep.

Ideal choice for performing pull-up exercises, which strengthen your back, shoulders and arms.
Anti-slip texture
Maximum width
120 cm
Distance from the wall38.5 cm
Inner distance between the mounting columns36 cm
Fixing bolts
Dimensions120 x 12 x 42.5 cm
Net weight4.1 kg
Maximum user weight100 kg

Package Description

Weight 4.7 (kg)
Length 120 (cm)
Width 6.5 (cm)
Height 17 (cm)
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