Pegasus® Kinesiology Tape (5x500cm)

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Pegasus® Kinesiology Tape (5x500cm)

The Kinesiology Tape is an adhesive elastic tape used to treat sports injuries and other musculoskeletal problems.
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Company Profile

The name Pegasus® has been a benchmark in the field of Fitness in Greece for many years, offering comprehensive solutions for homes and businesses.

Pegasus® products have distinguished themselves for their quality, sleek design and reliability. They are handpicked by MEKMA SA, which was founded in 1982 in Athens and is now the leading supplier of fitness equipment in our country. So choose one of our products and discover what thousands of people already know!

Product Overview

Kinesiology Tape (5x500cm)

The Kinesiology Tape is an elastic band, which is applied with medical acrylic glue and is used in the treatment of sports injuries and other musculoskeletal problems. It provides a passive lift to your skin through its elastic properties, speeding up recovery.

Because the tape can remain on the body for a long time, its healing effect is exerted uninterruptedly on the injured area, significantly accelerating the healing process.

100% stretch cotton
High-quality medical acrylic glue
500 cm
Width5 cm

Package Description

Length 11 (cm)
Width 7 (cm)
Height 5 (cm)
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