Life Sport S027A Basketball System

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Life Sport S027A Basketball System

The 027 series is the best of the Life Sport range! The S027A model is equiped with 136x80cm backboard made of tempered glass. The height is adjusted easily between 2.35 and 2.05 metres, while the base receives a counterweight 160 kg. The base needs no water, making it ideal for safety and manouverability!
Price Retail 795.00
Price Cash 690.00

Life Sport

Company Profile

The goal of Life Sport is to create beautiful products that meet the needs of young and old players alike!

Our basketball range has everything you need from simple rims to whole systems at varying degrees of strength, depending on the age and needs of the player. So choose a Life Sport product for endless hours of fun!

Product Overview

Life Sport S027A

The S027A is equipped with a 136x80cm comfortable backboard made of tempered glass and polyethylene protection for optimum resistance to heavy blows of the ball and to weather conditions.

The height is easily adjusted between 2.35 and 3.05 meters, while the new-gen base receives a load of 160kg without needing water, for optimal manouverability and safety!

Play your way!

Height adjustment

With a very simple rotary mechanism, the Life Sport S027A makes it possible to adjust the height between 235 and 305 cm.

The last position is the appropriate height for a match among adult players.

Ultimate stability

At least 160kg counterweight

For optimal safety and stability, the base does not hold water as most basketball stands.

It is made of steel and on the inside you get to place a counterweight of at least 160 kg. You can use weight plates, stones or any other solid material. This counterweight is much easier to take out than water, making it very easy to move the product!


The S027A is equipped with a rim made of steel, which also has springs. The net is included.


The backboard is made of highly durable tempered glass material with polyethylene (PE) protection for safety. Dimensions 136x80cm and thickness 3mm.

Ball return

At the front you will find a soft layer that protects against collisions with the basketball column, but also returns the ball after a shot.

Rim materialSteel construction, with springs
Rim netNet made of waterproof nylon included
Rim diameter45 cm, for #7 basketballs 
Backboard materialHighly durable tempered glass with polyethylene protection (PE)
Backboard dimensions136 x 80 cm
Backboard thickness3 mm
Height adjustmentFrom 230 to 305 cm
3-piece metal pipe
100x100 mm
Base materialSteel
Base counterweightAt least 160 kg

Package Description

Package Weight Length Width Height
Package 1 16.10 kg 69.50 cm 37.00 cm 3.00 cm
Package 2 9.90 kg 51.00 cm 12.00 cm 62.50 cm
Package 3 23.25 kg 120.00 cm 31.00 cm 11.00 cm
Package 4 28.75 kg 133.00 cm 84.00 cm 10.00 cm
Package 5 20.00 kg 140.00 cm 84.00 cm 7.00 cm
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