Chalk 56g

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Chalk 56g

Powder chalk, comes in a 56g block.
Price Retail 4.50
Availability Available
Usage Commercial
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Power System

Company Profile

Power System is a registered brand, that since 1994 has provided a wide range of reliable products at affordable prices. We offer accessories for power weightlifting, yoga, boxing, strength training, martial arts, cycling and home workouts. Our high-quality products are designed with you in mind. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use the innovative Power System accessories to achieve your fitness goals!

Product Overview


This chalk is in the shape of a cube to give you a sturdy and stable grip. It is ideal for those who practice gymnastics, weightlifting, crossfit, and climbing. The chalk absorbs moisture from the hands and prevents slipping during training.

Chalk is safe to use, but if any side effects occur, stop using the product immediately!

Suitable forGymnastics, weightlifting, crossfit, climbing

Package Description

Weight 0.05 (kg)
Length 9 (cm)
Width 9 (cm)
Height 4.5 (cm)
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