LifeSport S-R4/R5 Basketball Rim

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LifeSport S‑R4/R5 Basketball Rim

The Life Sport S-R4 / R5 features strong springs and sturdy solid steel construction for intense play! Its diameter is suitable for #7 basketballs.
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Life Sport

Company Profile

The goal of Life Sport is to create beautiful products that meet the needs of young and old players alike!

Our basketball range has everything you need from simple rims to whole systems at varying degrees of strength, depending on the age and needs of the player. So choose a Life Sport product for endless hours of fun!

Product Overview

Life Sport S-R4/R5

The Life Sport S-R4 / R5 has powerful springs to help prevent damage to the rim and backboard from dunks. With a sturdy solid steel construction, it is the ideal basketball hoop for outdoor yards and leisure parks. Its diameter is suitable for #7 basketballs.

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Internal diameter45 cm, for #7 basketball
External diameter48 cm
Weight5.67 kg
Material16 mm steel
NetIncluded, made of waterproof nylon
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