Bowflex® S/Tech 552i Adjustable Dumbbells 24kg

Bowflex® S/Tech 552i Adjustable Dumbbells 24kg

Build your muscles and get a well-toned body with Bowflex® SelectTech® 552i Adjustable Dumbbells! Replace 15 pairs of dumbbells and adjust between 2 and 24 kilos, with a very easy set-up....
865.00 € 750.00 €
DKN® Cross Trainer XC-190

DKN® Cross Trainer XC‑190

The XC-190 combines a zero-impact elliptical exercise with the ability to walk or jog without impacting the joints, offering excellent benefits for your training session. It comes with...
1500.00 € 1325.00 €
Pegasus® "Start" ΜT-1940 Treadmill 1.75HP

Pegasus® "Start" ΜT‑1940 Treadmill 1.75HP

The Pegasus® "Start" treadmill, which can be fully folded in just 18 centimeters thanks to its sleek new generation design, is perfect for those who have limited space!
585.00 € 439.00 €
Pegasus® T60  2.5HP Treadmill

Pegasus® T60 2.5HP Treadmill

The Pegasus® T60 treadmill comes with a reliable 2.5HP motor and can be fully folded in just 27 centimeters thanks to its sleek new generation design, making it and ideal choice for...
860.00 € 745.00 €
ProTred® MR‑400 Treadmill 2.0HP

ProTred® MR‑400 Treadmill 2.0HP

The Protred® MR-400 treadmill can be fully folded and comes with an elegant next-gen console with touch keys and wireless audio play, making it ideal for limited spaces!
580.00 € 499.00 €
Pegasus® JX-DS916 Home Gym

Pegasus® JX‑DS916 Home Gym

Pegasus® JX-DS916 is the most comprehensive training solution when it comes to Home Gyms. You can perform a large variety of exercises, targeting your biceps, triceps, abs, chest, shoulders,...
1180.00 € 1020.00 €
Protred® MR-775 Treadmill 2.75HP

Protred® MR‑775 Treadmill 2.75HP

The Protred® MR-750 Treadmill comes with a reliable 2.75 HP motor, an electronically adjustable18-level incline, a reinforced elastomer plus springs shock absorption system, wireless...
880.00 € 765.00 €
Pegasus® JX-DS185F/915 Folding Home Gym

Pegasus® JX‑DS185F/915 Folding Home Gym

The Pegasus® JX-DS185F/915 comes with a unique seat folding feature, so that you can save space and work out more efficiently. Also adjust the two arms and the leg station to tailor...
780.00 € 660.00 €
Nautilus® U626 Upright Bike

Nautilus® U626 Upright Bike

The top-of-the-line Nautilus® U626 Upright Bike turns a routine workout into a multi-sensory experience that boosts power and endurance. It delivers a super smooth ride, yet shakes...
940.00 € 815.00 €
Force USA R3 Air Rower

Force USA R3 Air Rower

The Force USA R3 Air Rower provides full-body workout and assists with your lower body strength improvement, with reduced impact stress on your joints. This is a piece of commercial...
1215.00 € 1215.20 €
Force USA Ski Trainer & Stand

Force USA Ski Trainer & Stand

Rapidly improve your cardio fitness with the Force USA Ski Trainer. The innovative flywheel technology has 10 resistance levels and allows you to quickly adjust the airflow during your...
1315.00 € 1314.40 €
Unlimited® H5 - Air Ski

Unlimited® H5 ‑ Air Ski

Nordic skiing is one of the most complete sports, as it develops both strength and endurance in the legs, arms and abdomen simultaneously. The H5 Unlimited Air Ski puts the sport of...
Limited Availability
1848.00 € 1475.60 €
Unlimited® H5 - Air Rower

Unlimited® H5 ‑ Air Rower

Rowing is a very complete and useful exercise both to keep fit and lose weight and to prepare for a competition in the water or rehabilitate from an injury or surgery.
Limited Availability
1538.00 € 1388.80 €
DKN® Water Rower Riviera

DKN® Water Rower Riviera

The next best thing to on-water rowing. The DKN® Riviera has been specifically designed to mimic the dynamics of a boat moving though water and offers a great simulation of the physical...
Out Of Stock
1070.00 € 919.00 €
DKN® Air Rower R-320

DKN® Air Rower R‑320

The R-320 Air Rower by DKN® is an ideal choice when you are looking for those extra features that will add to the comfort, convenience and motivational programming for a full-body aerobic...
Limited Availability
880.00 € 765.00 €
Sportop R-60 Recumbent Bike

Sportop R‑60 Recumbent Bike

The Sportop R60 recumbent bike by the Spin-fit® Series, with elegant design and a sturdy 9 kg flywheel, combines the benefits of a regular bike and a comfortable seat. R60 offers smooth...
Awaiting Stock
1230.00 € 1070.00 €
Nautilus® R626 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus® R626 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus® R626 Recumbent Bike dials up comfort and connectivity, keeping even the most discriminating cyclists coming back for more. With dozens of workout programs, Bluetooth®...
1320.00 € 1145.00 €
Multi-Gym Pegasus® JX-DS305 with Smith Machine

Multi‑Gym Pegasus® JX‑DS305 with Smith Machine

Are you looking for a Multi-Gym with a large variety of features and high-quality build at an affordable price? Why should you choose between price and quality when you can have both...
1760.00 € 1479.00 €
Pegasus® "Tempest" ΜΤ-2451 3.2HP Treadmill

Pegasus® "Tempest" ΜΤ‑2451 3.2HP Treadmill

With a powerful, 4-year warranty 3.2 HP motor, 18 levels of incline, a massive 51x151cm running belt, USB port, maximum user weight of 135kg, Bluetooth connectivity with training apps...
1650.00 € 1425.00 €
Pegasus® V3 Treadmill 2.75ΗΡ

Pegasus® V3 Treadmill 2.75ΗΡ

The Pegasus® V3 Treadmill is equipped with a reliable 2.75 HP motor with a 3-year warranty. It features a 1-18 km/h speed range, 18 incline levels, comfortable 47.5x136cm running belt,...
1175.00 € 969.00 €
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