Pegasus® JX-DS610 Weight Bench (Folding)

Pegasus® JX‑DS610 Weight Bench (Folding)

The Pegasus® JX-DS610 Weight Bench comes with a unique folding ability to help you save space! With adjustable backrest and seat, bulit-in arm curl pad and adjustable weight stands,...
410.00 € 355.00 €
ADIDAS Performance Training Bench

ADIDAS Performance Training Bench

Ideal for users of all levels, beginners or more experienced, the Adidas incredibly versatile Training Bench is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any gym enthusiast!
440.00 € 370.00 €
Force USA - Adjustable Bench F-FBENCH

Force USA ‑ Adjustable Bench F‑FBENCH

With a 300kg maximum weight, a 7-position adjustable back and a 2-position adjustable seat, this reliable Bench by Force USA is an ideal choice for a large number of workout routines!
390.00 € 305.00 €
New Pegasus® Roman Chair HCLT-5006

Pegasus® Roman Chair HCLT‑5006

The Roman Chair allows reptitions in a 90 degree angle, making this classic exercise more demanding but also more efficient and rewarding.
225.00 € 195.00 €
LivePro Body Pump Rack

LivePro Body Pump Rack

LivePro Rack for your Body Pump equipment, with a modern design and reliable frame.
310.00 € 260.00 €
Pegasus® Dumbbell Rack

Pegasus® Dumbbell Rack

This rack is designed to store at least 100 vinyl dumbbells, so you can save space and have easy access to your equipment.
Limited Availability
300.00 € 255.00 €
Dumbbell Rack OK-0015A (3 tiers)

Dumbbell Rack OK‑0015A (3 tiers)

The Dumbbell Rack OK-0015A will be proven valuable, if you use multiple pairs of dumbbells for your workouts. It is essential that you maintain your workout area organized, clean and...
230.00 € 199.00 €
New Pegasus® Ab Bench HCLT-3014

Pegasus® Ab Bench HCLT‑3014

The Pegasus Ab Bench with knee and ankle support, a feature that is often overlooked on such benches, is extremely sturdy and ergonomically designed to focus on developing abdominal...
225.00 € 195.00 €
Pegasus® JX-DS512 Power Tower with Bench

Pegasus® JX‑DS512 Power Tower with Bench

Workout with your own body weight can, if you have the right equipment, offer you all the benefits of lifting dumbbells. The Pegasus® JX-DS512 comes with a built-in bench and the ability...
345.00 € 299.00 €
Pegasus® JX-301 Power Tower

Pegasus® JX‑301 Power Tower

Perform a dynamic workout with the Pegasus® JX-301! Thanks to it you can exercise against gravity for the upper and lower parts of your body.
230.00 € 199.00 €
ADIDAS Performance Utility Bench

ADIDAS Performance Utility Bench

The Adidas Utility Bench has gained basic influences from the benches you will find in most gyms. The back and the seat adjust easily to offer a good range of motion during your workout....
295.00 € 245.00 €
MARBO MS-S108 Weight Stands

MARBO MS‑S108 Weight Stands

Heavy-duty weight stands with a rubber surface and adjustable height to 8 positions. They come with 4 spots for weight plate storage.
Out Of Stock
230.00 € 199.00 €
MARBO MH-S206 Weight Plate Rack

MARBO MH‑S206 Weight Plate Rack

Stylish, ergonomic and sturdy weight plate rack for storing 200 kg of weight plates and a barbell with a maximum diameter of 30 mm.
110.00 € 89.00 €
MARBO MH-S207 Weight Plate, Barbell, Dumbbell Rack

MARBO MH‑S207 Weight Plate, Barbell, Dumbbell Rack

Store your weight plates, barbells, and dumbbells in this compact, well-designed and ergonomic base by Marbo Sport, which offers a maximum load of 300 kg.
155.00 € 135.00 €
Offer Dip-Station with Pull-Up Bar MH-U205

Dip‑Station with Pull‑Up Bar MH‑U205

This product is designed to be mounted on a wall with four different mounting points, or directly to the MH-U204 ladder. It includes handles, adjustable at two levels, as well as a...
225.00 € 195.00 €
Force USA Flat Bench F-FB02-V2

Force USA Flat Bench F‑FB02‑V2

The Flat Bench is the cornerstone of any gym. Built to exceed commercial standards, with a massive 800kg load capacity, the Force USA Commercial Flat Bench is one of the toughest gym...
370.00 € 320.00 €
Force USA Flat Bench F-FB01-V2

Force USA Flat Bench F‑FB01‑V2

The Force USA Light-Commercial Flat Bench has an incredibly strong frame with a massive 400kg weight rating. Enhanced stability with wide frame steel tubing means that chest presses,...
195.00 € 160.00 €
Pegasus® Adjustable Bench(HCLT-3011)

Pegasus® Adjustable Bench(HCLT‑3011)

ThePegasus® HCLT-3011 Gym adjustable bench Pegasus® provides an impressive load up to 400kg and adjust in different angles in order to perform a variety of different exercises safely!
420.00 € 345.00 €
Pegasus® Adjustable Bench (HCLT-3003)

Pegasus® Adjustable Bench (HCLT‑3003)

The bench Pegasus® HCLT-3003 is a heavy equipment with max. load up to 280kg which can be adjusted in different angles in odrder to perform a great variety of excercises with safety!
270.00 € 235.00 €
Force USA Flat Bench SP1

Force USA Flat Bench SP1

The Force USA SP1 Flat Bench was developed for those wanting to expand their home training ability without the need for an oversized commercial flat bench.
190.00 € 150.00 €
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