Life Sport Kayak Deluxe Paddle Leash

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Life Sport Kayak Deluxe Paddle Leash

This Life Sport Deluxe Paddle Leash has a hook and eye strap to protect your paddle with a reflective strip to ensure high visibility. This leash is an essential piece of safety equipment to give you extra peace of mind when out on the water.
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Life Sport

Company Profile

The goal of Life Sport is to create beautiful products that meet the needs of young and old rowers alike!

Our Kayak range has everything you need from the Kayaks themselves to paddles, fishing rod bases, seats for more comfortable rowing or life vest for your safety. So choose a Life Sport product for endless hours of fun!

Product Overview

Live Sport Deluxe Paddle Leash

The Deluxe Paddle Leash ensures you never find yourself with no way to paddle back to shore. With the adjustable collar tightened around the shaft of your paddle and the solid brass clip connected to the hull of your kayak or the top of your SUP, your paddle will never get lost even if you lose your grip. And thanks to the excellent stretch of the leash's wrapped elastic cord, you'll have a comfortable grip on your paddle without any annoying restriction of motion.

General Specifications

The Paddle Protector - Connect your paddle directly to your kayak or SUP, so you'll never be without a paddle even if yours falls momentarily out of your grip

Easy Adjustment - Adjusting strap to proper tension for any given paddle takes all of five seconds; simply slip elastic collar over blade then tighten it with plastic tension knob

Quick Release Buckle - Plastic buckle allows for quick detachment of paddle from leash when the adventure is done for the day

Flexible Cord - Coiled elastic measures several feet long when pulled taut but retracts to be less than a foot long when tension is released

Marine-Grade Materials - Durable brass clip and rip- and fade-resistant fabrics ensure leash is ready for any conditions

Technical Specifications

Elastic Kayak Paddle Leash Safety Rod Leash Fishing Rod Lanyard Paddle Leash 43 - 112cm

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