LivePro Power Loop (Medium)

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LivePro Power Loop (Medium)

Loop Resistance Bands are an essential addition to any daily workout or injury recovery program. Their closed design eliminates the need to knot and is ideal for lower body exercises.
Β 8414-M
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Company Profile

LivePro is a specialized product line by LiveUp, specifically designed for professional use.

Our products offer innovative design and trustworthy structure. The LivePro line covers anything one needs for yoga, pilates, crossfit and strengthening equipment. 

Product Overview

Live Pro Power Loop (Medium)

Designed with durability and convenience in mind, the Power Loop allows you to activate your glute-hip complex and increase power in your legs with resisted squats, hip abductions/adductions, leg extensions and more. By effectively recruiting your lower body muscles, it will help you build the necessary strength to better support your joints and reduce your risk of injury.

It is ideal for physical exercise, rehabilitation, stretching, yoga, pilates and any other aerobic exercise.

Common exercises

Ideal for
Recovery, yoga, pilates and general aerobic exercises
Resistance level
63 x 7 cm
Black/Light Blue
Recommended use
Home and Commercial
MaterialCombined reinforced latex with fabric

Package Description

Weight 0.08 (kg)
Length 16.5 (cm)
Width 7.5 (cm)
Height 2 (cm)
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