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The Parallettes have their roots in the gymnastics, as they give a sense of parallel bars. But they also offer the possibility of a large number of dynamic exercises, thus helping all kinds of athletes.
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Company Profile

LivePro is a specialized product line by LiveUp, specifically designed for professional use.

LiveUp is a brand that, since 2004, strives to offer high quality gym accessories to every athlete along with everything he needs to follow a healthy lifestyle.  

Our products offer innovative design and trustworthy structure. The LiveUp line covers anything one needs for yoga, pilates, crossfit and strengthening equipment. 

Product Overview


Perform many exercises with your wrist in a straight position, which is not always easy when you perform the exercise on the ground. Parallel bases give you more time before your wrists get tired, so they offer you better results and a reduced risk of injury.

A distance from the ground helps the trainee when he learns a new exercise. Too many exercises can be performed in different but similar variations. With parallel bases you can get started with the easiest variation.

Length60 cm
Width40 cm
Height73.5 cm
Handle diameter3.8 cm
Pieces2 (pair)

Package Description

Weight 8.8 (kg)
Length 67 (cm)
Width 65 (cm)
Height 10 (cm)
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