Handheld Massager Life Care by i-Rest SL-C02-1

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Handheld Massager Life Care by i‑Rest SL‑C02‑1

Handheld Massager Life Care by i-Rest SL-C02-1 for optimal stress relief.
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Life Care

Company Profile

Life Care is a series that offers massage armchairs and high technology massage devices.

Life Care products have international CE and RoHS certifications, are modern, innovative and based on the most demanding craftsmanship and precision engineering standards. Each one is given attention to detail to provide the security and care you need to live a healthy and stress-free life.

Product Overview


Lifecare Handheld Massager is highly versatile. It can be used with good results for massaging your entire body, from head to toe. This is useful, especially for those who suffer from muscular or joint pain.

Dual head massage effectively simulates the hand movement of professional masseurs. Thanks to the double massage heads, you can also use the product to target the same muscle group from different angles.

Variety and versatility

3 massage heads

This model offers three pairs of interchangeable heads. Each pair is specifically designed to work differently from the other, so their use will have different benefits.

Changing the heads is very easy. The semi-spherical heads make a general massage in the body, the multi-pin heads offer an extraordinary relaxing massage, and the three-pin heads will give you a deep massage in the skin tissues.

Additional benefits

Handle and speed adjustment

The anatomic non-slip handle guarantees that you can hold the device even if you have used a soothing oil during the massage.

Also, you can adjust the speed of the massage. This will allow you to adjust the speed to match your mood and needs. For example, choose a slower speed if you want to have a more relaxed massage.


The package includes1 double massage head, 6 interchangeable heads ans 1 manual
UseBack, neck, head, legs
High quality ABS and rubber
Intensity Adjustment Yes, 2 different speeds
Massage heads3 different for better results
ColorLight blue/White
Product weight1 kg
* Note: It is suggested to use this product for 10-15 minutes the first time, and no more that 30 minutes. 

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