Core Fit Gym Ball 65 cm

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Core Fit Gym Ball 65 cm

One of the strongest professional gym balls for high requirement training. The LivePro gym balls are made of durable material and feature anti-burst technology. If they are pierced, they will deflate slowly in order to prevent you from any injury.
Β 8201-65
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Usage Commercial
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Company Profile

LivePro is a specialized product line by LiveUp, specifically designed for professional use.

LiveUp is a brand that, since 2004, strives to offer high quality gym accessories to every athlete along with everything he needs to follow a healthy lifestyle.  

Our products offer innovative design and trustworthy structure. The LiveUp line covers anything one needs for yoga, pilates, crossfit and strengthening equipment. 

Product Overview

Core Fit Gym Ball (65cm)

Gym balls are used for a variety of exercises, that improve your muscle strength, your posture and your agility.

You can also use the gym ball to replace a gym bench or a yoga mat for exercises like push-ups or pull-ups. In addition you can lengthen the front part of your body and sit with your back on the ball. This stretch is great for rehabilitation. 

Choose the right diameter

Selection Criteria

The gym ball diameter for you depends on your height. You must be able to sit with your legs at a 90 degree angle and your thighs parallel to the floor. Here you can see the general rule about the user's height and the ball diameter:

  • User's height 150 ~ 167 cm - Ball diameter 55 cm
  • User's height 167 ~ 182 cm - Ball diameter 65 cm
  • User's height over 182 cm - Ball diameter 75 cm
Advice: Make sure to leave the ball for about 2 hours in room temperature before pumping. The first time, only pump the ball at about 80% and leave it for one day before use. This will help the ball obtain a much better spherical shape.

Designed forIntense use in professional space
Tested for500kg
Blue (color could vary)

Package Description

Weight 1.26 (kg)
Length 25 (cm)
Width 17 (cm)
Height 12 (cm)
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