Pegasus® Olympic Plate/Barbell Rack OK-0035B

Pegasus® Olympic Plate/Barbell Rack OK‑0035B

The Pegasus® Plate/Barbell Rack OK-0035B is designed with 6 Olympic plate storage posts & 3 Olympic barbell Φ50 storage posts, for space-saving and easy access to your equipment.
220.00 € 189.00 €
Pegasus® Kettlebell Rack

Pegasus® Kettlebell Rack

This commercial-grade Kettlebell Rack features a spacious 3-tier design so you can easily fit a complete kettlebell set.
425.00 € 370.00 €
Pegasus® 2-Tier Kettlebell Rack OK-0044

Pegasus® 2‑Tier Kettlebell Rack OK‑0044

This commercial-grade kettlebell rack features a spacious 2-level design to easily fit a full kettlebell set.
370.00 € 320.00 €
Pegasus® Vertical Dumbbell Rack (10 pairs)

Pegasus® Vertical Dumbbell Rack (10 pairs)

The ΟΚ-0005Α Vertical Dumbbell Rack is ideal to keep your space tidy and safe. It can store up to 10 pairs of dumbbells.
170.00 € 149.00 €
Pegasus® Adjustable Weight Stands JX-855

Pegasus® Adjustable Weight Stands JX‑855

Durable and reliable, the Pegasus® JX-855 Weight Stands offer safety and convenience during a large variety of free weight exercises.
230.00 € 195.00 €
Pegasus® Adjustable Weight Stands HCLT-1014

Pegasus® Adjustable Weight Stands HCLT‑1014

Durable and reliable, the heavy duty weight stands Pegasus® HCLT-1014 offer safety and convenience during a large variety of free weight exercises.
280.00 € 245.00 €
MARBO MH-S206 Weight Plate Rack

MARBO MH‑S206 Weight Plate Rack

Stylish, ergonomic and sturdy weight plate rack for storing 200 kg of weight plates and a barbell with a maximum diameter of 30 mm.
110.00 € 85.00 €
MARBO MH-S207 Weight Plate, Barbell, Dumbbell Rack

MARBO MH‑S207 Weight Plate, Barbell, Dumbbell Rack

Store your weight plates, barbells, and dumbbells in this compact, well-designed and ergonomic base by Marbo Sport, which offers a maximum load of 300 kg.
155.00 € 125.00 €
MARBO MS-S108 Weight Stands

MARBO MS‑S108 Weight Stands

Heavy-duty weight stands with a rubber surface and adjustable height to 8 positions. They come with 4 spots for weight plate storage.
Out Of Stock
230.00 € 199.00 €
Dumbbell Rack OK-0015 (3 tiers)

Dumbbell Rack OK‑0015 (3 tiers)

The Dumbbell Rack OK-0015 will be proven valuable, if you use multiple pairs of dumbbells for your workouts. It is essential that you maintain your workout area organized, clean and...
295.00 € 255.00 €
Pegasus® Dumbbell Rack

Pegasus® Dumbbell Rack

This rack is designed to store at least 100 vinyl dumbbells, so you can save space and have easy access to your equipment.
Limited Availability
300.00 € 255.00 €
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