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Kayak Life Sport "Timo" (1 adult)

Kayak Life Sport "Timo" (1 adult)
Life Sport (kayak)

SKU: VK-05

380.00 €
329.00 €

The Kayak "Timo" by Life Sport is ideal both for working out with long hours of rowing, but also for lots of fun with fishing and cruising!

Safety Instructions

Kayak rowing can be both a great workout and also tremendous fun. However, please do not forget to observe certain measures for your own safety. Specifically, always wear a life jacket, take care to stay hydrated and apply your suntain lotion even on cloudy days.


Kayak typeSit on Top
Capacity1 adult
UV resistantYes, Anti-UV: 8
Bungee cordYes
Waterproof plugs8
Fixed rod holders4
Item hatches2
Refreshment holder1
Position for Adjustable Rod HolderYes
Dimensions265 x 83 x 36 cm
Net weight20 kg
Maximum load150 kg

Optional Accessories