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Pegasus® Pro Trainer HCLT-2003

Pegasus® Pro Trainer HCLT-2003

SKU: Λ-631

2580.00 €
2240.00 €

The new multi-functional Pro Trainer by the Pegasus® Strength Series combines 3 main functions - Crossover, Smith Machine and Power Rack - in a single heavy duty frame, which offers a commercial-grade experience!


Frame70x50x3 mm
Smith MachineLinear bearings for smooth motion
Double Crossover system
Vertically adjustable in 13 positions
Built-in weights2 stacks of 60kg steel plates (2 x 60kg)
Squat base2 barbell hooks and 2 safety hooks (adjustable in 21 positions)
Chin-up barMulti-grip for effective pull-ups and more
PulleysRotating and following your lead for natural movement
CablesAircraft type with PVC coating, 6mm wide and 900kg tension capacity
Attachments8 different options included
Weight platesThe Smith machine is only compatible with Olympic plates (50mm)
FinishHigh-quality electrostatic coat in blue and silver
Chin-up Bar maximum load200 kg
Smith maximum load200 kg (total)
Safety Hook maximum load300 kg (total)
Weight Plate Storage maximum load60 kg (each knob)
Net weight
349 kg
Dimensions (assembled)
150 (L) x 200 (W) x 230 (H) cm (without bench)
Ideally paired withOne of our benches for extra workout options