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Adidas Compression Calf Sleeves (L/XL)

Adidas Compression Calf Sleeves (L/XL)
ADIDAS Training Equipment


18.00 €

Combining performance and comfort, adidas Compression Sleeves stimulate blood circulation and boost performance. Accelerating recovery whilst moderating soreness post-workout, the sleeves dotted silicone inlay prevents slippage to keep your training focussed.


MaterialElastane and Polyester
Form-fittingYes, tight design
Silicone inlayPrevents slippage, keeps you focused on your training
Ideal forImproves circulation, accelerates recovery and reduces soreness
Contains1 pair
Dimensions28 (L) x 13 (W) x 0.3 (H) cm
Size L/XL35-45 cm (measuring aroung the largest point of your calf)