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Pegasus® JX-DS610 Weight Bench (Folding)

Pegasus® JX-DS610 Weight Bench (Folding)

SKU: Λ-581

410.00 €
355.00 €

The Pegasus® JX-DS610 Weight Bench comes with a unique folding ability to help you save space! With adjustable backrest and seat, bulit-in arm curl pad and adjustable weight stands, this is an ideal choice for free weight exercises.


Backrest adjustment
In 9 positions (0, 20 , 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 degrees)
Seat adjustmentIn 4 positions
Weight stands adjustmentIn 5 positions
Leg extensionYes, compatible with regular and olympic plates
Arm curl padYes, adjustable in 3 positions
High-density, 6 cm thick
Safety Stops for the barbell
2, vertically adjustable 2 positions
Foam roller padsCylindrical, 6 cm thick
Maximum total load capacity260 kg
Maximum load for the weight stands120 kg
Maximum load for the leg extension40 kg
Dimensions (fully assembled)190 x 122 x 136 cm
Dimensions (folded)94 x 122 x 195 cm

* The Weight Plates, Barbells and Dumbbells shown in the photos are sold separately.