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Pegasus® JX-7038W Spin Bike

Spin Bike Pegasus®  JX-7038W

SKU: Π-111

575.00 €
459.00 €

The Spin Bike Pegasus® JX-7038W has a smooth and quiet dual motion function that reproduces the natural motion of the road cycling. With a large, 18kg flywheel with absolute alignment, and a steel construction, the Pegasus® JX-7038W Spin Bike will offer you a steady and smooth ride in every workout session.


Flywheel weight
18 kg
Flywheel diameter46 cm
Frame material
JD-304(9/16")- racing type SPD with straps and clips
Console1.3" LCD Screen
Screen dataSpeed, Time, Distance, Calories and Total Distance
Adjustable height and length to 10 positions
Adjustable height and length to 6 positions, with multiple anti-slip handles
Bike design
Designed for maximum adaptability to each user
Safety system
“V” Block on the saddle and steering wheel for easy and multiple adjustments
Drive system
Belt, for smooth and quite operation
Braking system
Double action design for resistance adjustment and immediate braking
Transport wheelsYes, 2 in the front
Dimensions (Assembled)115 (L) x 52 (W) x 116 (H) cm
Bike net weight44 kg
Maximum user weight125 kg
2 years