Adjustable Dumbbell Set With Stand 32kg

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Adjustable Dumbbell Set With Stand 32kg

Build your muscles and get a well-toned body with these 20kg Adjustable Dumbbells with a Stand! Replace 9 pairs of dumbbells and adjust between 2kg and 32 kg, with a simple handle-twist mechanism.
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Company Profile

LivePro is a specialized product line by LiveUp, specifically designed for professional use.
LiveUp is a brand that, since 2004, strives to offer high quality gym accessories to every athlete along with everything he needs to follow a healthy lifestyle.
Our products offer innovative design and trustworthy structure. The LiveUp line covers anything one needs for yoga, pilates, crossfit and strengthening equipment. 


Adjustable Dumbbells 32kgr with stand

The adjustable dumbbell set is much more intelligent than a single dumbbell. You can increase or decrease the weight of the dumbbell by adding or subtracting the adjustment pieces to meet your training needs at different times.
You can exercise your strength and balance at the same time. The mechanism is simple. Just turn the handle to select the required weight, twist, peel, and lift up. The customized load bearing tray is made of durable steel material for easy adjustment and storage.

Twist Lock Mechanism

An ingenious and patented technique that made these adjustable dumbbells stand out of regular dumbbells is its “Twist-lock” internal methodology.
There is no need to take off the hand every time while switching between 9 various levels of weight intervals. Just twist the adjustable dumbbell handle to pick the preferred weight range between 2kg – 32kg.

32KG Weight Option

With the smartest twist-lock approach, the exerciser can do the required weight increments between 2-4-8-12-16-20-24-28-32kg just with a few clicks. The recorded weight level is shown in the “select or reads dial” indicator for letting the user know their switched level as 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32.
As a beginner, starting from low weight ranges helps in acquiring comfortable, safe, prominent lifting and can increase the levels gradually as demands grow.

Single Hand Operation

Without any troublesome replacement, the weight can be easily adjusted and changed. Just hold the easy-grip knurled handle and turn it.
The smooth transitions between each interval can be quickly changed with one hand without the hassle of removing the weight plates. To increase or decrease the weights, simply rotate the handle forward or backward.

Stand For Stable Placement

The high-quality and aesthetically pleasing stand helps in easy access to the dumbbells. This self-assembled stand holds the dumbbells at elevated height for easy storage and usage.
Without bending down or putting much effort, placed the dumbbells can be easily accessed and by standing between the stands.

Compact & Safe

An extremely quickly changeable dumbbell system that offers complete strength training for a home gym.
The impressive space-saving dimension results in the potential establishment of the dumbbells without requiring much space in the home or gym.
The interior rod locking system and the central steel rod just hold the weight plates in place even when upside down.

Important: After the end of your workout, store your dumbbells at the base, along with the rest of the weights. Dropping dumbbells on the floor from a height may damage the adjusting mechanism, for which we will not assume any responsibility. This product is suitable for home use.


MaterialSteel & ABS
2x32 kg
Weight Adjustments
2-4-8-12-16-20-24-28-32 kg
Shelf Weight
10 kg
Grip Diameter
35 mm
Handle Length
18.5 cm
Dumbbell Diameter
18 cm
Dumbbell Plate Width
1.4 cm
Base Size
74 (Π) × 56 (Μ) × 68 (Υ) cm
Frame Size
50×50×2 mm

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