Dip-Station with Pull-Up Bar MH-U205

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Dip‑Station with Pull‑Up Bar MH‑U205

This product is designed to be mounted on a wall with four different mounting points, or directly to the MH-U204 ladder. It includes handles, adjustable at two levels, as well as a punch bag holder.
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Marbo Sport

Company Profile

Marbo Sport is a company based in Poland. Driven by the trust of our satisfied customers, we focus on the development and continuous improvement of our products. We started silently more than 30 years ago with dynamic equipment for everyday people. Since then we have been continuously increasing our range and have been expanding to high-quality dynamic equipment for commercial use. At Marbo we believe that in the field of sports, there is no room for compromises, only for the best possible effort!

Product Overview


The latest products of the Marbo Home series combine functionality, modern design and ease of use. We present a product that meets all these criteria - handrails and a rod with a punch bag holder attached to the wall or the MH-U205 ladder. With our handrails and a bar, you will be able to exercise several muscle groups. This small device will allow you to sculpt both your stomach and perform push-ups in the air, thus strengthening your arms. To extend the possibilities of performed exercises, the set also has a punching bag holder. By assembling our set, you get a multifunctional training place without leaving your home.

Home line - equipment for home use

The products of the Marbo Home series are intended for beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts who begin their adventure with the gym. The equipment is thought out in such a way as to guaranty stability, be as functional as possible and easy to assemble. The aesthetics of workmanship are emphasized by elegant red and black upholstery on a three-centimeter thick sponge and powder coating. 

Large Number of Exercises

With the MH-U205 you can perform exercises while hanging on the MH-U205, in a narrow or wide grip, such as: Push-Ups, lifting legs, knee elevation, triceps extensions, squats with resistance and pull-ups.

Quality certification

To ensure your safety, our equipment has been tested for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center. The results of these tests are Certified Safety and Top Security Certificate, which we received for products of our semi-pro series.

Tailor your workout

Mounting on the wall or a MH-U204 ladder

You decide which assembly is the most convenient for you. Depending on the space at your disposal, you can attach the bar with handrails directly to the wall or to the MH-U204 ladder, with which it is fully compatible. The big advantage of this solution is the expansion of the exercise station while saving space in the room! In the set with the handrails you get three sets of hooks. The third set of hooks will be used to attach the device to the MH-U204 ladder.

Adjustable handle

The handle on the armrests can be adjusted to your needs thanks to the appropriate adjustment of the pressure knob. You can place them at two distances from the wall - 43 cm and 47 cm. The handles are secured with rubber handles.

Ergonomic armrests

Exercise equipment must not only be functional, but also comfortable to use. For the production of armrests, we have used a new, thicker rebound foam with R90 stiffness, which provides comfortable and secure support for your elbows.

Removable bar with punch bag holder

Our handrail gives the possibility, rarely found in other models, to expand it and extend the variants of exercises. Just unscrew the two knobs on the sides of the handrail to remove the bar with the punch bag holder! Place the punch bag on the holder and save space in the training area!


Frame Dimensions40 x 40 mm
FinishElectrostatic paint with powder coating
Height39 cm
Width107 cm
Lenght64 cm
Backrest Dimensions30 x 27 cm
Adjustable HandlesYes, in 2 positions (distance from the wall: 43 and 47 cm)
Product Weight13.8 kg
Maximum Load150 kg

* The MH-U204 Wallbar is sold separately.
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