Protred® MR-775 Treadmill 2.75HP

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Protred® MR‑775 Treadmill 2.75HP

The Protred® MR-750 Treadmill comes with a reliable 2.75 HP motor, an electronically adjustable18-level incline, a reinforced elastomer plus springs shock absorption system, wireless audio play, an impressive 45x140 cm running belt and of course a very affordable price!
Price Retail 880.00
Price Cash 765.00
Availability Available
Usage Home
Warranty Μοτέρ 2 έτη, Ηλ/κά μέρη 2 έτη
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Διάδρομος Γυμναστικής Protred® MR-775 2.75HP
Product Manual Διάδρομος Γυμναστικής Protred® MR-775 2.75HP
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Company Profile

The main goal of Protred's treadmill line is to offer affordable but reliable solutions for daily workouts.

The products of this series have been handpicked by MEKMA S.A., which was founded in 1982 in Athens and is today the leading supplier of fitness equipment in our country. So choose a Protred treadmill and at an unbeatable price, get a product that will accompany you for many years!

Product Overview

Protred® MR-775 2.5HP

The ProTred® MR-775 is a reliable treadmill, equipped with a 2.75 CHP motor and comes with an electronically adjustable incline to 18 levels, a reinforced elastomer shock absorption system and an impressive 45x140cm running belt.

And of course all of this at a particularly affordable price, making it an ideal machine for home workouts!


The MR-775  is equipped with a 2.75 HP motor.


The maximum speed of the MR-775 is 18 km/h.


Adjust the incline at the touch of a button in 18 different levels.


Choose one of our 25 pre-set workout programs for an extra challenge.

Maximum load

The frame build supports a maximum user weight of 120 kg.

The console

Multiple data

The built-in blue-backlit LCD screen allows you to track all the important workout data such as time, distance and calories burned.

Adjust the speed and incline via the quick keys, monitor your heart level through the touch sensors or choose one of the saved workout programs for that extra challenge.

Wireless music!

Bluetooth function

The console also features a pair of speakers so that you can play your favorite music.

Unlike most treadmills on the market, the MR-775 requires no cables or USB ports. Simply activate Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and play music wirelessly through popular apps like Spotify and more!

Handlebar controls

Heart rate monitoring

The MR-775 measures your heart rate level through the touch sensors on the handgrips.

You can of course adjust the speed and incline through the console, but you will also find secondary controls on the handlebars for easier access.

Comfortable belt


The MR-775 motivates you every step of the way. For this reason, it offers a very comfortable running belt, sized 45 x 140 cm, so you can train safely with no restrictions on your movement even at higher speeds.

Soft Cushion

Shock Absorption System

The Protred® MR-775 protects you from strain with a dual shock absorption system.

The main feature is the Soft Cushion system, a reinforced elastomer at the center of the running deck. On either side you will find a smaller absorbing element with springs.

Folding Drop System

Move and store your treadmill

Like all Protred® treadmills, the MR-775 also features a Folding Drop System that allows your treadmill to fold r to move and store it easily.

The treadmill is easily folded even with one hand and secured with a hydraulic shock absorber. Then you can effortlessly carry it and keep your space tidy.

Moving your treadmill

Useful tips
Start by folding the treadmill, making sure the hydraulic safety suspension is locked. Then and only then, pull the top of the deck towards you so that the treadmill stands on the transport wheels.

Then simply move the treadmill to the desired position, gently tap the safety suspension to unlock it and thus lower the deck to its original position.

Package Description

Weight 71 (kg)
Length 184 (cm)
Width 76.5 (cm)
Height 33.5 (cm)
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