DKN® Water Rower Riviera

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DKN® Water Rower Riviera

The next best thing to on-water rowing. The DKN® Riviera has been specifically designed to mimic the dynamics of a boat moving though water and offers a great simulation of the physical and physiological benefits of rowing!
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Price Cash 919.00

DKN Technology®

Company Profile

DKN Technology® became known in the USA for the innovative vibration platforms that train and strengthen the whole body.

The headquarters of the company are located in Belgium and the DKN Technology®  brand can be found in high-quality gym equipment for home and commercial use. Durability, sleek design, and high performance is the only thing you can expect from any DKN product!

Product Overview

DKN® Water Rower Riviera

The Riviera has been specifically designed to mimic the dynamics of a boat moving though water and offers a great simulation of the physical and physiological benefits of rowing.

From a fitness perspective, the Riviera Rower works more than 80% of your muscle mass, helping tone and strengthen your muscles while burning far more calories than most other aerobic machines.

The console


The Riviera is outfitted with a user-friendly monitor which displays all the important workout data such as your stroke rate, total number of strokes, time, distance, energy burn and heart rate level (with the optional chest strap).

Water rower

How it works

Exercise in Riviera Rower, is low impact, as it removes all the body weight from the ankles, knees, and hips, but still moves the limbs and joints through a full range of motion.

The stroke cycles of the Riviera hold true to the dynamics of real paddling. This rower has actual paddles. These are housed in a water tank, creating a ‘water flywheel’. When the user pulls on the handlebar, the paddles push the water.

Water Resistance

Infinitely variable

Variable Water Resistance is created as the paddle turns through a water tank. container. The uniform mass of water offers authentic resistance, distributing the load evenly throughout the body. The faster you row, the greater the resistance and vice versa.

The rider can adjust the tension level. At ‘Max’ the water tank is filled to capacity. It can hold up to 17 liters.

Wireless pulse sensor

Optional chest strap

The DKN® Riviera features a built-in wireless heart rate sensor.

So use it with the dedicated chest strap that is sold separately to measure your heart rate at any time and with greater precision during your workout.

Retail Price: 29.00€

Save space

Folding function

Storage is often a big factor in purchasing any piece of fitness equipment.

Storing in an upright position no wider than a dining room chair, the Riviera Rower can be easily laid out for a quick indoor rowing exercise session.



Brand DKN Technology®
Console data
Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, RPM
ConnectivityKinomap (Sensor-based, not via Bluetooth)

Variable water mass

Heart rate monitoringChest Belt (sold separately)
Rail length

135 cm

Maximum user weight
150 kg
Dimensions (Assembled)
230 (L) x 58 (W) x 62 (H) cm
Dimensions (Folded)
                    62 (L) x 58 (W) x 230 (H) cm

Net weight

42 kg
2 years
Class H,  CE,  ISO-20957

Package Description

Package Weight Length Width Height
Package 1 50.50 kg 113.00 cm 77.50 cm 61.50 cm
Package 2 5.00 kg 131.00 cm 12.50 cm 9.00 cm
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