Protred® YK-10515E Elliptical

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Protred® YK‑10515E Elliptical

The Protred® YK-10515E Elliptical comes with an 8-level magnetic resistance and 6 kg flywheel inertia. It is perfect for beginners and training in small spaces!
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Warranty Πλαίσιο 2 έτη, Ηλεκτρονικά μέρη 2 έτη
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Manual Protred YK-10515E
Product Manual Manual Protred YK-10515E
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Company Profile

The main goal of Protred's fitness line is to offer affordable but reliable solutions for daily workouts.

The products of this series have been handpicked by MEKMA S.A., which was founded in 1982 in Athens and is today the leading supplier of fitness equipment in our country. So choose a Protred product and at an unbeatable price, gain a partner that will be with you for years!

Product Overview

Protred® YK-10515E

The elliptical Protred® YK-10515E is a machine ideal for beginners and training in small spaces, offering low-shock aerobic exercise from the comfort of your own home.

It offers 8 manually adjustable levels of resistance to set the exercise difficulty wherever you want in order to achieve your goals, a 6 kg inertia flywheel weight through its drive belt and a 29 cm stride length.


The system offers 8 levels of manually adjustable resistance.

Stride Length

The YK-10515E offers a 29 cm stride length for your workout.


This cross trainer has been designed with a 3 kg flywheel that offers an inertia weight of 6 kg.

Heart Rate

Measure your heartbeat with the touch sensors on the handles.

Max user weight

The YK-10515E frame construction is designed for a maximum user weight of 90 kg.


Multiple data

The Protred® YK-10515E console allows you to get important information about the time, distance, speed and burnt calories. 

In addition, with the sensors on the fixed handles, you can measure the level of your heart rate to track your physical condition.

Forward Motion 

Reverse Motion 


For killer quads and glutes. For the hip extensors and hamstrings. Using both forward and reverse motions helps to even out the work rate by both anterior and posterior muscles rather than becoming dominant in just one group.
This is the traditional motion we're all used to. And we know the elliptical beats the treadmill when it comes to applying resistance and working the upper body at the same time as the legs. Try it out, it might feel different but that's a good thing. The change of direction one-way to another has a direct impact on the activation of the core. Any change of direction is great to stress the midsection. Want killer pins? Your calves are constantly used on a cross trainer, regardless of forward or reverse motion.
Low impact exercise which offers the movement and benefits of hiking, cross country skiing and biking. It is said the reverse elliptical motion can burn 7% more calories than the forward motion. The upper body push/pull of the cross trainer motion means that your biceps, triceps, traps, back and shoulders are worked together whether you're going forwards or backwards.

Package Description

Weight 28 (kg)
Length 91 (cm)
Width 28 (cm)
Height 52 (cm)
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