DKN Technology® Xg-10 Pro

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DKN Technology® Xg‑10 Pro

Whole body vibration exercise and therapy works our body from the inside out. Gentle vibrations moving into and throughout our entire body is an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate muscles and bone cells. The Xg-10 Pro Carbon Black has a well balanced platform, a low entry step, and a great power range, reaching an incredible 12G.
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Warranty 2 έτη
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DKN Technology®

Company Profile

DKN Technology® became known in the USA for the innovative vibration platforms that train and strengthen the whole body.

The headquarters of the company are located in Belgium and the DKN Technology®  brand can be found in high-quality gym equipment for home and commercial use. Durability, sleek design, and high performance is the only thing you can expect from any DKN product!

Product Overview

DKN Technology® Xg-10 Pro (Vibro)

The Xg-10 Pro has a well balanced platform, a low entry step and a great power range reaching an incredible 12G (loaded!).

The Xg-series come with 2 upper-body straps, a thick high density mat, an interactive training DVD, a personal traning guide and an exercise poster. The construction is 100% high grade steel, reinforced with carbon fibre, to control the high performance acceleration. The unique, sleek design, and the compact size of this machine, occupies less floorspace, fits into any fitness studio or wellness centre.


A personal coach with you

You can have the ideal training instructor through the stylish LCD backlight display! The console offers 12 programs and guides you to the correct body position and the muscles that are activated each time with 3D graphics. Manual adjustment is provided for the most experienced, while the wide range of frequencies between 20 and 50Hz ensures that you will always have the right challenge.

The Xg-10 Pro is the perfect choice for intense group workouts in the gym and of course for individual workouts at home.

Multiple benefits

Why choose DKN Technology® Xg-10

Vibrating platforms change the way in which many of us take care of our fitness level.

Body vibration is a treatment that works from the inside out. It is a safe and effective way to activate your muscles and bone cells as well as increase your muscle mass. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes and back pain.


Frame100% high quality steel, reinforced with carbon fibre
PlatformWell balanced, low entry step
Includes2 straps, DVD, exercise flyer
ConsoleSleek backlit LCD screen
Exercise display3D graphics
Workout programs12
Frequency range
20 - 50 Hz, with 5 Hz interval steps
AC, 3.2 K/N, 12 G
UseCommercial and Home
Product weight78 kg
Max user weight150 kg
Dimensions (Assembled)92.8 x 85 x 138.6 cm
CertificationCE, EN 957
Warranty2 years

Package Details

Box 1Box 2
Dimensions67.5 x 92.5 x 31 cm
119.5 x 25.7 x 23 cm
Weight58 kg13 kg
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