Multi-Gym Pegasus® JX-DS305 with Smith Machine

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Multi‑Gym Pegasus® JX‑DS305 with Smith Machine

Are you looking for a Multi-Gym with a large variety of features and high-quality build at an affordable price? Why should you choose between price and quality when you can have both with the Pegasus® JX-DS305?
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Company Profile

The name Pegasus® has been a benchmark in the field of Fitness in Greece for many years, offering comprehensive solutions for homes and businesses.

Pegasus® products have distinguished themselves for their quality, sleek design and reliability. They are handpicked by MEKMA SA, which was founded in 1982 in Athens and is now the leading supplier of fitness equipment in our country. So choose one of our products and discover what thousands of people already know!

Product Overview

Pegasus® JX-DS305 with Smith

The Pegasus® JX-DS305 allows simultaneous workout for up to 3 different users in one compact unit.  

On the one side you have a fully operational position for seated chest presses and pec deck. Over your head there is a back pulley and in front of you there is an adjustable 40-degrees leg press. If all these are not enough, the other side of the JX-DS305 feature a chin-up bar, a fully adjustable crossover system and a Smith machine!

Crossover System

Rotating pulleys that follow your lead

Crossover exercises are very important for anyone that wants to target specific muscles either for rehabilitation after a surgery, or for general muscle strengthening.

The JX-DS305 uses aircract cables with a tension load capacity of over 900 kg, which are led through heavy duty pulleys that rotate to follow your movement for an even more natural motion. The pulleys are vertically adjustable in 20 positions, making super sets easy. 

Chest presses

Shoulder Presses


Back pulley

Bicep curls

Leg press

40-degree angle

The leg press is a very popular piece of equipment that can help you target your leg muscles. You must pay attention to your posture so you can maximize the benefits of the exercise, while avoiding injuries.  

The leg press system puts you in a 40-degree angle, while your legs are pressuring outward in the horizontal direction. Therefore, you can use it to strengthen your quadriceps and glutes. 

Chin-up bar

Multiple grips

Do you want to add something different to your home gym? The JX-DS305 chin-up bar with two heavy duty steel handle grips allows you to perform exercises easily. 

The design alsoallows you to hold the handle grips parallel when you perform basic pec or bicep exercises, or you hold the edge of the grips in order to curl your arms and target specific muscles.

Chest press

Two handle grips

Chest presses are one of the most classic fitness exercises, as it effectively trains the upper part of the body.

Perform this exercise and other popular movements, such as the pec deck, at the designated training station, located at the front of the JX-DS305.

Chest presses

Pec Deck

Chest pulls

Lat pulldown

Squat Exercises

On the Smith System

Squats are perhaps the best complex exercise for developing muscle and strength in the lower part of the body. Perform squats safely with the Smith system.

The vertical movement develops the muscles of the forefoot, but the different leg positions and squatting can train other muscles as well, such as the tendons at the back of the upper leg or the adductors on the inside of the legs.

Frame construction

Sturdy frame construction of 50mm guarantees stability and safety during exercise.


The JX-DS305 features top-quality upholstery made of durable material for optimum comfort.

Leg press

The plate in the press system is large and at a suitable distance from the seat for proper extensions.

Pulleys and wire cables

Excellent quality

The JX-DS305 offers a full range of functional exercises designed to give you a powerful and ribbed body. It focuses on multiple muscle groups with smooth and continuous movements.

The system has reinforced air-force type wire cables and 37 pulleys with closed-type bearings. The pulleys will allow you to exercise your body at different angles to have an unlimited variety of exercises and to perform a silent and isometric workout.

11 points of excellence

Standing out from the competition

The Pegasus® JX-DS305 stands out for the following reasons:

1. Large barbell on the back pulley
2. Reinforced pulleys with bearings
3. Large foam cylinders
4. Anatomic handle grips on the leg press
5. 40-degree leg press
6. Anatomic seat and backrest
7. Floor protection plugs
8. Chin-up bar
9. Smith
10. Protective shroud
11. Crossover system

Multi-gym Dimensions

The Pegasus® JX-DS305 measures up to (assembled): 246 (L) x 205 (W) x 220 (H) cm


Built-in weights65 kg in weight plates
Weight protectionProtection shroud
Sturdy frame construction50x50x1.5 mm
CablesAircraft type, tated more than 900 kg
PadsHigh-quality leather-like, 5 cm thick
PulleysWith bearings for smooth movement
FinishElectrostatic paint
CollarsYes, for optional Olympic Weight Plate
Leg pressYes
Smith systemYes
Crossover systemYes
Chin-up barYes
Included attachmentsSmall and Large flat barbell, Ankle strap, Tricep rope, 2 single handle grips, V-shape handle grip, Smith barbell pad
Maximum load for the Smith system125 kg
Maximum user weight
135 kg
Dimensions (Assembled)
245 (L) x 205 (W) x 220 (H) cm
Indicative Exercises

  • Pec deck
  • Back pulley
  • Ab crunch
  • Chest press
  • Shoulder press
  • Tricep press
  • Stretching
  • Pull-ups
  • Leg press
  • Leg curl
  • Rowing
  • Abductors/Adductors with strap
  • Bicep curls and pulls
  • Biceps/Quadriceps with rotating barbell
  • Tricep curls
  • ... and many more!

Package Description

Package Weight Length Width Height
Package 1 60.00 kg 196.00 cm 60.00 cm 19.00 cm
Package 2 24.00 kg 133.00 cm 71.00 cm 16.00 cm
Package 3 22.00 kg 145.00 cm 37.00 cm 19.00 cm
Package 4 46.00 kg 185.00 cm 26.00 cm 15.00 cm
Package 5 33.00 kg 40.00 cm 33.00 cm 19.00 cm
Package 6 32.00 kg 40.00 cm 33.00 cm 19.00 cm
Package 7 3.00 kg 201.00 cm 3.00 cm 3.00 cm
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