Interline Infrared Sauna Ruby (2-person)

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Interline Infrared Sauna Ruby (2‑person)

Interline Sauna "Ruby" 2 person - Rejuvenate your body, relax in your own space, ensure healthy and clean skin and escape from everyday problems!
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Company Profile

Interhiva is an international trading company that since 1975 designs and delivers the finest luxury leisure products such as swimming pools, thermal spas and saunas for home and commercial use.

From the pool to the spa and the sauna, Interhiva is your partner in wellness!

Product Overview

Interline Infrared Sauna "Ruby"

The Ruby Sauna offers absolute relaxation and multiple benefits.

Escape from the stress of everyday life and let the beneficial heat rejuvenate your body. After half an hour in the Ruby cabin you will feel relaxed and full of energy!

How do infrared saunas work?

Health benefits

Infrared saunas mainly emit some medium infrared radiation and perhaps a small amount of infrared energy. Infrared radiation penetrates the skin and heats it. This means that the temperature in the sauna can be kept at a lower and more comfortable temperature.

Infrared radiation is an antioxidant nutrient, activates cells, supports metabolic processes and detaches toxins from water molecules. Infrared radiation is useful for wound healing and cellular regeneration.

Control Panel

Easy-to-use control panel with touch keys

mp3 player

The sauna features a mp3 player with bluetooth.


Interline Infrared Sauna Ruby has 5 halogen heaters to quickly adapt the cabin temperature.


The sauna has a 45 cm rest bench for easy use.


The sauna has a glass door made of 6mm crystal.


The sauna cabin has its own autonomous lighting in 7 colors in total that can be changed every 5 seconds.


The sauna has ventilation openings on the roof for fresh air in the cabin space.

Construction material

The sauna as well as the door handle are from the Canadian Hemlock (Norwegian fir).


Sauna functionInfrared
Capacity2 people
Control panelInside the cabin
5 lamps
Rest bench45 cm
Door6 mm safety glass
Bluetooth connectivity
mp3 PlayerYes
Power2200W (Back 2x350W, Legs 500W, Front 2x500W)
Power supplyGrounded source/socket
Hemlock (Norwegian fir)
Dimensions (Assembled)130 (L) x 94 (W) x 190 (H) cm
Weight115 kg

Package Details

Total Net Weight130 kg
Dimensions Box.1195 x 134 x 18 cm
Dimensions Box.2195 x 93 x 12 cm

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