Wrist Weights (2x 0.5kg)

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Wrist Weights (2x 0.5kg)

Whether you're walking, jogging or running, the wrist weights are the perfect fitness accessory to add dimension to your workout and push you to the extra level with an added calorie burn.
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Reebok® Fitness

Company Profile

Reebok is universally known for distributing gym and training accessories, clothing and footwear. It is the official sponsor for many famous athletes and teams.  

Here at Reebok we believe that training should not be a chore but a lifestyle!

For this reason, we present you with two lines of Gym Accessories, the Professional Studio Line and the Home Training Line. Whichever kind of workout you prefer, the Reebok accessories are the perfect blend of technology, features and performance.

Product Overview

Reebok Wrist Weights (2x0.5kg)

Whether you walk or run, wrist weights are the perfect piece of equipment to give more flexibility to your workout and force yourself to burn those extra calories. 

Comfortable, adjustable and safe, these 0.5 kg Reebok wrist weights features a thumb sleeve and  an easily adjustable hook and loop closure. 

Choose the right weight

3 different wrist weights

The Reebok wrist weights are available in 0.5kg, 1kg and 1.5kg (sold separately), in order to build on your progress by adding a little more weight at a time.

The circumference is adjustable between 14.5 and 20 cm and there is a comfortable thumb sleeve. This way the weight will adjust to every user's wrist. 


Hand fit Comfortable and functional thumb sleeve
Wrist fit Easily adjustable hook and loop closure
Adjustable circumference Minimum 14, maximum 20 cm
0.5 kg
Color Grey / Light Blue

Package Description

Weight 1.2 (kg)
Length 17 (cm)
Width 11.5 (cm)
Height 6.3 (cm)

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