Nautilus® E626 Elliptical

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Nautilus® E626 Elliptical

If you are ready to get your training to the next level, the Nautilus® E626 is ready to meet you! 29 training programs, 25 levels of resistance, electronically adjustable incline, 50.8 cm pitch and Bluetooth® Smart compatibility to sync your data with Explore the World™ and MyFitnessPal applications are just some of the reasons why the E626 is the ultimate combination of quality and technological potential.
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Price Cash 1785.00
Availability Available
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Warranty Πλαίσιο 5 έτη, Ηλεκτρονικά μέρη 2 έτη
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Nautilus® Inc

Company Profile

Nautilus® Inc. was founded in the United States of America almost 40 years ago. Today Nautilus® is the gold standard in fitness and widely considered the founder of the modern commercial gym. What started out as a revolutionary strength machine has evolved into a diverse family of strength and cardio brands such as Nautilus®, Bowflex®, Schwinn®, Universal® and Octane Fitness®.

In our every item, you will find the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and superb craftsmanship to deliver safe, effective workouts. Choose one of our products and discover what millions of households already know!

Product Overview

Nautilus® E626

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, the Nautilus® E626 is ready to meet your demands!

Its construction is based on our long-term experience with top fitness equipment. The E626 offers 29 challenging training programs, 25 levels of resistance, electronically adjustable incline to 10 positions at the touch of a button on the console and a comfortable stride length of 50.8 centimeters.


The system offers 25-levels electronically adjustable resistance so you always challenge yourself during your workout.

Stride Length

The E626 offers a really comfortable stride length at 50.8 cm.


This cross-trainer is designed with a 10 kg flywheel that provides a 24 kg inertia weight.

Maximum user weight

The sturdy construction of the E626 ensures durability for users weighing up to 136 kg.



The DualTrack ™ console features two high-resolution LCD monitors to track your workout time, distance traveled and calories burnt.

The console enables MP3 playback via its built-in speakers and is equipped with a USB port, three-speed fan and a tablet stand.

LCD Monitors


Watch at all times all your important exercise data through the two high definition LCDs.

Adjust the resistance to tailor your workout, select and follow step by step any of the 29 available programs and stay tuned thanks to the many compatible apps. 


Through the console, you will have access to 29 demanding programs, meaning that each trainee will find the difficulty he desires.

Heart Rate

Measure your heart rate with the touch sensors or wirelessly with a dedicated chest strap.

USB Port

Charge your devices or transfer your exercise data to our supported apps.


The console features built-in speaker speakers to listen to your favorite music.


Keep yourself cool and comfortable at all times thanks to the built-in 3-speed fan in the console.

Bluetooth® Smart Compatibility

Favorite Apps

The E626 compatibility with Bluetooth® Smart allows you to easily track your progress over time and of course to sync and share your data with  popular apps like Explore the World, Rebound, DualTrack and MyFitnessPal which lets you run in real-world locations from the comfort of your own home!

Explore The World™

A digital fitness revolution!

Connect and work out with your friends, wherever you are, thanks to the innovative Explore The World™ app, free on iOS and Android.

As you exercise, you travel through the video routes with your speed controlling the video speed. However, these video routes are not just video. They are 3D worlds and when you are running them, you are also actually in them. So people from around the world that are doing the same route can see you – represented as an avatar – and you can see them. Now you can run amazing real-world locations and run with friends, live, from your elliptical!

Electronically adjustable incline

Set specific goals

Most cross-trainers allow you to choose your desired resistance, but too few allow you to adjust the incline, thus increasing the calorie burn rate. 

With the E626 you mechanically adjust the incline with a handy mechanism to 6 positions. Changing the incline and therefore the course of your movement, you are targeting different muscles. When the incline is high, you focus on the gluteal muscles and the biceps. On the contrary, when the incline is low, you focus on the calves and the quadriceps.

Precision Path™ Pedals

Comfort and effectiveness

This cross-trainer is equipped with over-sized, Precision Path™ technology pedals. They have a special anti-slip surface so your shoulder strap is stable and large enough to ensure maximum comfort during training.

Forward Motion 

Reverse Motion 


For killer quads and glutes. For the hip extensors and hamstrings. Using both forward and reverse motions helps to even out the work rate by both anterior and posterior muscles rather than becoming dominant in just one group.
This is the traditional motion we're all used to. And we know the elliptical beats the treadmill when it comes to applying resistance and working the upper body at the same time as the legs. Try it out, it might feel different but that's a good thing. The change of direction one-way to another has a direct impact on the activation of the core. Any change of direction is great to stress the midsection. Want killer pins? Your calves are constantly used on a cross trainer, regardless of forward or reverse motion.
Low impact exercise which offers the movement and benefits of hiking, cross country skiing and biking. It is said the reverse elliptical motion can burn 7% more calories than the forward motion. The upper body push/pull of the cross trainer motion means that your biceps, triceps, traps, back and shoulders are worked together whether you're going forwards or backwards.


Type Magnetic, with electric adjustment
Resistance Levels 25 power levels
Stride Length 50.8 cm
User weight (kg) 136
Transmission system Poly-V Belt
Axle (Crank) 3 pieces
Flywheel weight 10kg
Pedals Anti-slip, Precision Path™
Hand Grips Fixed and Moving
Display 2 LCD Screens (multiple data)
Display type DualTrack™
Data Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, Heart Pulse
Energy saving Yes
Performance tracking Explore the World™
Workout Programs 14
Fitness Test 2
User Programs 4
HR Programs 9
Recovery Yes
Body Fat No
USB port Yes
Bluetooth Enabled Bluetooth® Smart
Speakers Acoustic Chambered
Fan Yes
Media Shelf - Tablet Holder Yes
Bottle Holder Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Contact or Telemetry enabled
Wireless Pulse Receiver Yes
Wireless HR Belt Included
Additional Features Incline 10 levels
Stabilizers Yes
Transport Wheels Yes
Product Weight 79
Dimensions 181.7 x 67.7 x 160.5 cm
Certification CE, GS
Warranty Frame 5 years, Electronic Parts 2 years

Package Description

Weight 84.16 (kg)
Length 130 (cm)
Width 56 (cm)
Height 87 (cm)
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