EXIT Silhouette Trampoline ø305cm

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EXIT Silhouette Trampoline ø305cm

The EXIT Silhouette trampoline on legs is a round trampoline with a matt black padding. The safety net is standard supplied with the trampoline and it hangs very taut from its curved supports. This is not only very safe, but it also looks much nicer in your garden. The safety net has an eye-catching fluorescent green zipper so that you can see immediately whether the zipper is closed properly.
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Leave the room, play outside!

EXIT Toys is the contemporary outdoor play equipment brand that stimulates and even challenges children to play outdoors! We do this by developing outdoor play equipment that meets the needs of both children and parents. Our emphasis is to make the toys attractive for children, not only because children like to play, but also by devoting attention to a modern and cool design.

An EXIT Toys product obviously guarantees safety and means value for money. That makes EXIT Toys products accessible to a broad public and that way we provide many children with the opportunity to play outdoors together for days, weeks, months and even years. That is why an EXIT Toys product is a healthy, but mainly playful foundation for every child!

Product Overview

EXIT Silhouette Trampoline ø305cm

The 305 cm EXIT Silhouette Trampoline comes in a beautiful black color, with bright green touches. This gives the product a stylish and eye catching design while being at a particularly low price given its top quality!

Emphasis on safety

Careful design

The safety net hangs stretched out of the curved brackets, which guarantees the safety of children as they can not get caught in the net. The brackets are covered with high-quality foam, while the protective edges are 20mm thick and 28.5cm wide, covering very effectively the 54 springs. Finally, the safety net closes with a strong zip and covers the space between the tip and the springs so that the children's legs do not get in touch with the springs.

Outstanding quality

Attention to detail

The trampoline includes 14 cm springs, which guarantee strong bounce strength and optimum comfort, even after years of use. The bottom of the frame is galvanized, electrostatically coated to prevent corrosion, and the separate parts of the frame are locked together by clips so that they can not be detached when bouncing. The easy assembly is an additional advantage.


General Characteristics
Product dimensions 256 x ø342 cm
Spring dimensions
ø3, 2x24 and 5x140 mm
Bouncing surface diameter
305 cm
Bouncing surface material PP
Filling thickness 20 mm
Filling width
285 mm
Maximum load test 500 kg
Color Black
Certification TÜV, CE, GS, EN71
Perimeter Safety Net Specifications
182 x ø342 cm
Column dimensions
ø25.4 x 1.2 mm
Column cover
Foam material
Safety entrance Yes, with zipper
Frame 2 years
Springs 1 year
Filling and bouncing surface
1 year

Package Description

Package Weight Length Width Height
Package 1 24.90 kg 160.00 cm 44.50 cm 21.00 cm
Package 2 29.50 kg 160.00 cm 44.50 cm 13.00 cm

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