Reebok Yoga Strap

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Reebok Yoga Strap

Like a Yoga Block, the 175 cm Reebok Yoga Strap is very helpful in many yoga exercises.
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Reebok® Fitness

Company Profile

Reebok is universally known for distributing gym and training accessories, clothing and footwear. It is the official sponsor for many famous athletes and teams.  

Here at Reebok we believe that training should not be a chore but a lifestyle!

For this reason, we present you with two lines of Gym Accessories, the Professional Studio Line and the Home Training Line. Whichever kind of workout you prefer, the Reebok accessories are the perfect blend of technology, features and performance.

Product Overview

Reebok Yoga Strap

The 175 cm yoga strap helps you with a great number of yoga exercises, while it strengthens your muscles, improves your agility and aligns the body. 

The strap grip adjusts the length and creates a loop that is necessary for certain exercises. It secures the strap and helps you with those exercises that require something more. 

Yoga Strap benefits

The ideal help for your exercises

Yoga provides many benefits to your health and fitness through many different styles. It also has many spiritual benefits, since meditation has been incorporated in yoga moves, in order to help you focus both on your body and mind. 

The yoga strap is a helpful piece of equipment for some of the advanced yoga exercises. 


Ideal for advanced yoga exercisesEnhances agility and aligns the body
Sturdy, so you can hold any position safely
Suitable for professional use
175 x 3.8 cm
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