Reebok Grip Trainer

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Reebok Grip Trainer

Reebok Fitness Grip Trainer - Develop grip strength - any time, anywhere.
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Reebok® Fitness

Company Profile

Reebok is universally known for distributing gym and training accessories, clothing and footwear. It is the official sponsor for many famous athletes and teams.  

Here at Reebok we believe that training should not be a chore but a lifestyle!

For this reason, we present you with two lines of Gym Accessories, the Professional Studio Line and the Home Training Line. Whichever kind of workout you prefer, the Reebok accessories are the perfect blend of technology, features and performance.

Product Overview

Reebok Grip Trainer

Your body is as strong as your weakest muscle, so the muscles in your forearms, your arms and your wrists play an important role in lifting weights. 

Grip trainers are popular for strengthening arms, forearms and wrists. The Reebok grip trainer is made of steel and has a sturdy coil spring mechanism in order to endure many high intensity repetitions. 


Ideal forDeveloping a stronger grip by strengthening forearms, hands and wrists
SpringSturdy coil mechanism
Products per carton1

Package Description

Weight 0.5 (kg)
Length 12.7 (cm)
Width 2.5 (cm)
Height 16.9 (cm)
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