Cross Fit Chin-Up bar MARBO MS-D203

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Cross Fit Chin‑Up bar MARBO MS‑D203

With 10 handles at different distances and angles, and with a built-in hook to hang a boxing bag, the MS-D203 must be a part of every gym!
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Availability Limited Availability
Usage Semi-Commercial
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Marbo Sport

Company Profile

Marbo Sport is a company based in Poland. Driven by the trust of our satisfied customers, we focus on the development and continuous improvement of our products. We started silently more than 30 years ago with dynamic equipment for everyday people. Since then we have been continuously increasing our range and have been expanding to high-quality dynamic equipment for commercial use. At Marbo we believe that in the field of sports, there is no room for compromises, only for the best possible effort!

Product Overview


With multiple handles at different distances and angles and with a hook to hang a boxing bag, the MS-D203 activates the muscles of the back and the biceps, making it a necessary piece of equipment for every gym!

Due to its design, the MS-D203 can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. To do this, simply unscrew the screws, replace the bar and you are ready!

Semi-pro Series

Marbo Sport's semi-pro series targets the most demanding users. The strong frame 50x50x2 mm, guarantees maximum structural strength. The use of thick handles and extraordinary upholstery leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the best equipment quality.

Large Number of Exercises

With this chin-up bar you can perform exercises that take advantage of the multiple handles (closed, medium, open) for a greater variety. It is also ideal for use with tubes or resistance straps.

Quality certification

To ensure your safety, our equipment has been tested for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center. The results of these tests are Certified Safety and Top Security Certificate, which we received for products of our semi-pro series.

10 different handles

Maximum flexibility

The design of the product provides 10 different handles: parallel, oblique, simple, symmetrical and asymmetrical. The handles are positioned at different distances and angles. This way, you can add a pleasant variety to your program and speed up the results of your exercise.

This functionality is not provided by any other chin-up bar in the market!

Wall or ceiling

Imagine buying a wall chin-up bar and discovering that the construction material of your wall is too weak. With our MH-D202 you will not experience such a problem. All you have to do is turn the 4 screws and place the chin-up bar on the roof! 

Rubber grips

The thick rubber grips are designed specifically for this product, ideally for the diameter of this bar. Thanks to these non-slip handles, training is safe and comfortable.

Boxing Bag Hook

We have incorporated a convenient hook where you can place a boxing bag. The thickness of the material is 3mm, to ensure that it can withstand even more intense workouts.


Frame dimensions50 x 50 x 2 mm
HookBuilt in to hang a boxing bag
FinishElectrostatic paint with powder coating
Distance from the ceiling55 cm
Distance from the wall50 cm
Width120 cm
Product weight11.3 kg
Maximum load250 kg

Package Description

Weight 8.5 (kg)
Length 120 (cm)
Width 33.5 (cm)
Height 17 (cm)
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