MARBO MS‑S108 Weight Stands

Heavy-duty weight stands with a rubber surface and adjustable height to 8 positions. They come with 4 spots for weight plate storage.
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Marbo Sport

Company Profile

Marbo Sport is a company based in Poland. Driven by the trust of our satisfied customers, we focus on the development and continuous improvement of our products. We started silently more than 30 years ago with dynamic equipment for everyday people. Since then we have been continuously increasing our range and have been expanding to high-quality dynamic equipment for commercial use. At Marbo we believe that in the field of sports, there is no room for compromises, only for the best possible effort!

Product Overview

Marbo MS-S108 Weight Stands

The weight stands have a rubber surface and adjustable height to 8 positions. They also come with 4 spots for weight plate storage.

The rubber feet on the base protect against sharp edges and also protect the stands. They have anti-slip properties to prevent the equipment from moving during exercise, which helps you stay safe.

Semi-pro Series

Marbo Sport's semi-pro series targets the most demanding users. The strong frame 50x50x2 mm, guarantees maximum structural strength. The use of thick handles and extraordinary upholstery leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the best equipment quality.

Quality certification

To ensure your safety, our equipment has been tested for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center. The results of these tests are Certified Safety and Top Security Certificate, which we received for products of our semi-pro series.

Tailor your workout

Adjustable height

The design allows the weight stands to be adjusted to 8 levels, from 89 to 159 cm! This is especially important for inclined exercises because it allows a comfortable load movement and of course gives you considerable flexibility in your workout.

The adjustment is easy with a compression lever that stabilizes the system after fitting it to the appropriate height.


Pay attention to the shape of the barbell sockets. The spacing allows you to easily and safely drop the load if you are unable to perform a full motion during the push.

Absorbent covers

The rubber absorption covers are a unique feature in this product category as they provide the ability to silently release your barbell at the end of the exercise and prevent any damage to the finish.

Weight plate storage

The MS-S108 weight stands are equipped with 22cm rods in which you can store weight plates of Ø25mm or greater diameter. The edges in the load rods have small rubber cushions that absorb shocks and protect the equipment.


Frame dimensions50 x 50 x 2 mm
FinishElectrostatic paint with powder coating
Height99 cm (minimum) - 169 cm (maximum)
Width51 cm
Length50 cm
Plate storage4 pieces, 25 mm diameter and 22 cm length
Product weight9.8 kg
Maximum load300 kg

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