SportsArt P735 Rotary Torso

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SportsArt P735 Rotary Torso

SportsArt 735 Rotary Torso
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SportsArt Performance Series core-body units are designed to increase stabiliity and strength.

Specially designed cams provide unparalleled ergonomics throughout the entire motion; offer a perfect start, strong finish, and smooth resistance for human biomechanics.
Adjustable back cushions, foot pegs and multiple starting positions help users maintain correct posture.

Διαστάσεις (Μ/Π/Υ): 1325 × 830 × 1715 mm
Βάρη πλάκες: 80 kg (176 lb)


Stainless steel guide rods resist rust, chipping, and pitting, provides smooth travel and added value. Ball bearings and Kevlar belts (or coated cables) provide smooth, quiet movement , 5-inch shrouded pulleys provide faultless belt tracking

Comfortable cushions, correct ergonomics , Pivot points called out with orange dots for optimal alignment , Magnetized selector fork instantly locks into place for quick, secure action, Retracting cord keeps selector fork from disappearing while eliminating clutter , Flat “fork-style” selector supports weight plates, rather than balancing on a thin, single selector pin , Precision sound dampeners keep stack action quiet , Cold rolled steel weight plates resist rust, convey quality

Rip-resistant marine quality upholstery with industrial strength cushioning
Dual powder-coated platinum paint resists scratches and scuffs


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